Sunday, January 24, 2016

Yoga and a mini-marathon

Today I took a yoga class with a really great friend of mine who said I should try yoga because I might like it. I have always thought about trying to take a class so I figured I would give it a go. Plus it was a fun way to spend time with my friend. Yoga is something that probably millions of people around the world enjoy and that is really great. After 90 minutes in this class I can testify that I am not one of those people. I left having decided not to take another yoga class in my life, it simply did not do it for me as an exercise form. I know there are many types of Yoga but here are a few observations about yoga that I made today.

1- This particular class was a little too "touchy feely/spiritual" for my taste. I don't care to gently and peacefully move my body to think about my core or how my body is working or my place in the universe.

2- Incense  smell really bad and I spent a lot of time sniffling or blinking because they kind of got to me. It is not a smell I enjoy.

3- I wouldn't pay to try not to fart for 90 minutes in my life ever again. I do that enough on a date I don't need to worry about letting one go in some poor strangers face who is right behind me in downward dog or what not.  And between all of you and me it came really close a few times but I'm proud to admit I was able to control the gas.

4- The time was soo long! About 20 minutes in I was bored and ready to be done. Also during the last 5 minutes we were supposed to sit in silence and think about "what we need" and I didn't know what that was. I will tell you I was looking at the ceiling and noticed that only one of the electrical tubes in the ceiling was still silver and not painted white to match the rest. After 5 minutes my OCD "needed" that tube to match the rest of them. It makes me wonder how on earth I can attend and keep my motivation going for a three hour run? I guess that "fills my bucket" more than yoga does.

5- I didn't enjoy the apparatus. There were mats, blocks, blankets, pillows and a strap. The strap was used to hook around my foot and I guess stretch out my leg. I simply felt like I was one strap short of some crazy sex position. Not what I look for in an exercise.

I very much appreciate going and trying and that some people really love yoga. I am just simply not one of those folks. This boy is a runner and there are only a few short weeks before I can get out and run again.

Chrysalis- Bashir fixes a crazy and they fall in love but like all things he comes on too strong and scares her away.

Treachery, Faith, and the Great River- A Vorta is trying to defect with Odo's help, the Founders are getting sick. Meanwhile Nog is trying to get some parts and causes chaos!

Once More Unto the Breach- Kor is back and convinces Worf to help him go into battle basically so he can have a warrior's death.

The Siege of AR-558 - The Defiant crew beams down to assist a group that is holding a strategic position in a siege. No one comes out the same way they went in and Nog looses a leg.

This last shows proves that Deep Space Nine is most effective when it deals with dark issues and the realities of War. This was a very very good episode in my opinion.

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