Monday, January 25, 2016

Ezri Was a Mistake

People at the gym are very unique to say the least. To quote Forrest Gump they are quite like that box of chocolates, you never know what you will get. The people today at the gym were quite nice and talkative and well to be blunt... not douchey! I had a great time on the elliptical and bike and then a great swim followed by some really great conversations in the sauna with a few quality folks.

These are the type of folks that I love to run into at the gym. Not the small-minded bigots and dumbasses that usually linger in the gym in Zim-Town.

1/4 mile in the pool
30 minutes on the elliptical
15 minutes on the bike

Prodigal Daughter- Ezri goes home and her mother is an ass hat, oh and O'Brien is there for no real good reason. This episode played like "Falcon Crest in outer space."

The Emperor's New Cloak - The Nagus is trapped in the mirror universe but its all a ploy to get a cloaking device.

Field of Fire- There is a murder on DS9 and apparently Ezri gets help from an old personality.

Three crap shows in a row. I must admit that the addition of Ezri Dax to the show really has muddled the show because at a time when they should be working towards the build up and conclusion of the war we are left with a number of stories that focus on introducing us to a new character who won't be on the show that long really. Plus the character of Ezri is just not that much of a risk taker. They could have either not replaced Dax or put the Dax back into a man and gave everyone something more interesting to deal with. Worf would have had to deal with the love of his life in a man's body. Julian could have dealt with lingering emotions for Dax and how that may happen if a man is part of the equation. Better than this would have been to just not replace the character and allowed for Nog to take a bigger role in the show.

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