Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Teacher workshop day 2.. and a half. At least it feels like it. I was at school for a long time today and got a bunch of stuff accomplished yeah. I went to lunch with some friends and then ended up being at school long enough to get dinner with some other friends! After dinner I was thinking I’d just go home and sleep but I made it to the treadmill and there was no stopping me!

Today’s Workout:
Treadmill: 2.3miles and 280 calories burned

Kirk and company are looking for a rare mineral on an unimportant planet…. Again. Suddenly a mysterious gray cloud appears and kills two red shirts and wounds another one. Kirk immediately becomes suspicious and seems a bit crazed about what is happening. Kirk decides to beam back down to the planet with a security crew including an Ensign Gariveck who is new to the ship. Well again the cloud attacks and another two red shirts get killed. Gariveck is accused of hesitating and Kirk takes it much more personally than he usually would and Gariveck is suspended from duty. We learn that 11 years ago Kirk ran into this cloud creature and it killed half of the crew and his then commanding officer… Captain Gariveck. Kirk begins to become obsessed with the idea of killing this creature and the story takes on a decidedly “Ahab” feel. Well McCoy and Spock start to question his judgment and encourage him to choose a more rational course of action. The cloud flees into space and the Enterprise pursues and it eventually turns and attacks the ship. During the attack another 2 redshirts die and we learn that the creature does not like Spock’s blood. They follow the creature the what is assumed to be the home planet. On the planet the creature is destroyed using a simple antimatter device. The episode ends with Kirk and Ensign Gariveck making amends.

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