Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Alternative Factor

Today was my last day of college!.... or was it? NOPE my professor has given us a paper that is due on the 16th and we couldn’t start it until the end of class today. I don’t get why someone would do this, wouldn’t she want to be done today as well? So now I have to write this paper and I’m honestly feeling a little chappy about it.  Oh well. I am really sad though that I won’t see my classmates again L Here is hoping to seeing them at a conference or workshop someday.

Today’s Workout:
Treadmill- I hit clear too soon so I don’t know who many miles or calories.. Woops. I did how ever do 20 minutes of run/walk intervals. I RAN..WOW who knew I could do that.

The Alternative Factor
The Enterprise is conducting a survey mission of an uninhabited planet when all of the sudden something crazy happens and the universe “winks”. WINKS? Spock’s exact words… really “Mr. Vulcan Science Academy” Winks,, that is the best you can do. WOW. Well after the universe “winks” the Enterprise picks up a life sign on the planet below that wasn’t there before. Kirk and Spock beam down to find a man named Lazarus who claims he is searching for a creature and has been for years. Well the universe continues to “wink” and every time Lazarus switches places with this creature who happens to look just like him. The two act quite differently but no one seems to catch on to the fact. After longer than I would say is acceptable they figure out there are two of these guys and that they are from parallel universes. In the end Kirk helps the sane Lazarus capture the crazy Lazarus in an in between place for the rest of eternity. Kirk is pensive at the end for stranding the two guys but really who cares.

So it must be pretty obvious but I think this is one of the worst episodes of Star Trek The Original Series! It is dull and we really don’t care about the main character Lazarus. Also the crew of the Enterprise are almost treated like background characters,,, even Kirk and Spock.

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