Monday, August 15, 2011

The Changeling

Lunch with the fellow SPED crew from Salk today and it was fun to see nearly everyone there and share a few laughs. Followed by yet again work at school to get my room set up for year. Now I’m going to relax and enjoy the rest of my evening at home and do some cleaning and arranging my iPod. Sounds boring but I’m excited for it!

Today’s Workout:
Treadmill: 2.24miles and 301 calories

The Changeling
So Ladies and gentlemen today’s episode is basically the same story as Star Trek: The Motion Picture just a little less high tech. So while investigating a remote section of the galaxy the Enterprise runs into a probe called Nomad and they take aboard the probe after it tries to destroy the ship. Well we find out that Nomad is on a mission to seek out and sterilize imperfections, which is drastically different than the original Earth probe Nomad launched in the early 2000’s. Through a mind meld we find out that Nomad was damaged and repaired/joined with an alien probe and thus we have the new Nomad who is pretty much a bad attitude that floats. The only thing keeping the Enterprise safe is that Nomad believes that Kirk is the same person as his creator Jackson Roy Kirk. Eventually Kirk confuses Nomad and commands him to self-destruct and everyone is safe. Well okay about a handful of red shirts die and Lt. Uhura’s memory is erased completely. Nurse Chapel is put in charge of reteaching her and by the end of the hour long episode she is already at a college level. Huh?

As I said before this is really the same story as ST: TMP just compressed in time. It is an interesting episode with lots of excitement and suspense. To be honest is has about the same amount of excitement as the movie, it is just too bad that the movie is almost three times longer and therefore not exciting.

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