Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Space Seed

I have three more class sessions left… Hallelujah! I am burnt out on college and ready for a summer vacation. I am still glad I decided to do it all at once and get it done. How did I manage to do full time college for six years? Well I was used to it and let us not forget the adult beverages that frequently helped me through the tough times. Oh well three sessions left and I can’t wait for it to be over! And sadly enough I’m excited to start the school year again.

Today’s workout-
Treadmill: 2.37miles and 307 calories burnt

Space Seed
This episode can be summed up in one word:

Yes ladies and gentlemen this is the episode where Captain Kirk and Crew meet Khan for the first time and eventually strand him on Ceti Alpha 5 (or is that 6?).  Well Kirk and crew pick up a ship full of people in suspended animation. They revive the leader, a mysterious man who says his name is KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!. He is revealed to be a genetically engineered man from the then fictional 1990’s. He was a conqueror and ruled nearly 1/6 of the planet before he was overthrown. Khan quickly sets to work at two jobs. 1- Seduce the ships historian and 2- take over the Enterprise. Khan revives the rest of his crew and tries to take over the ship. He first starts by trying to suffocate the entire crew and then convincing them to help as he shows Captain Kirk in a decompression tube. In the end Khan’s new girlfriend the ship’s historian, Lt. McGyvers foils Khan’s plan and releases Kirk. In the end Kirk and Khan have a brawl in main engineering but of course Kirk wins the day and sentences Khan to exile and surprisingly Lt. McGyvers goes with him.

So for those of you who have seen Star Trek 2 you will know the one MAJOR plot error in the movie, which is the fact that Khan recognizes Chekov. Ensign Chekov did not join the crew of the Enterprise until the second season and this Episode takes place at the end of the first season. To this day I don’t know why they didn’t choose someone else to discover Khan in that movie. The other options would have been Scotty or Uhura both being decent choices. Sulu would not have worked because he does not appear in this episode. The common bullshit answer by most officials is this “Though we do not see Chekov it is feasible that he was onboard and since Khan states the he never forgets a face, we can deduce that he must have seen him while wondering the halls.” LAME Oh well this episode and that movie are still awesome.  

Khan 1967

Khan 1982

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