Thursday, August 25, 2011


I cleaned my closet out today! The clothes are cleaned, organized, and everything looks wonderful. I had promised myself I wasn’t going to work until Monday and I’m sticking to it! Now on to the really good stuff… the ADELE concert was in a word amazing! I have never been so dumbfounded by the shear immensity of someone’s talent at a live show. The only way to describe it is by saying that she was better live than on her CD. The quality of her voice is so pure and her range so impressive and to boot she is hilarious! It was so fun to hear her speak in her cockney British accent and has possibly the most infections cackle I have ever heard.  If you have the opportunity to see her live take advantage of it! Oh and run out and buy both of her CD’s asap. She tells a good story which of course just makes me want to hang out with her. I can imagine she is a really fun drinking buddy!

Today’s Workout:
Treadmill and another Butt workout (I downloaded this one on my phone)!

Weekly Weigh-In:
238 which makes for a total of 18 pounds lost!

Kirk, Spock, McCoy and a Starfleet Commissioner Nancy Hedford are in a shuttle escorting the commissioner back from a planet where she has become deathly ill. Despite being deathly ill she still manages to be a ragging bitch to everyone in sight! The shuttle runs into a strange entity and it causes the shuttle to crash land on a very large asteroid. The crew runs into a man on the planet and he is the only living human there. We find that the entity called “The companion” has kept him alive and used him as a partner for over 150 years. The man turns out to be Zefram Cochran, the inventor of Warp Drive. The Companion will not let anyone leave but if they don’t Hedford will die.. bummer.. LOL! Well they try to destroy the companion and then they try to reason with it. The companion is talked into helping them but to help it inhabits the body of the nearly dead Hedford. Now that the companion and Hedford are joined they can’t be separated. Cochran, who was at first mad at the companion, decides to stay on the planet with the new companion/hedford creature. Once this decision is made the shuttle rendezvous with the Enterprise and all is well.

So I know I have said that the second season is great well it wasn’t perfect and this episode is a prime example of a steamy pile of crap produced in the second season. The episode is dull and we really don’t care for anyone in the episode by the end. Cochran seems to be a tool and Hedford is too big a bitch for us to even care about by the end. Also, in this episode Zefram Cochran is from Alpha Centauri which of course was changed for Star Trek:First Contact 30 years later. In STFC, Cochran was from Montana  and changed the course of human history. I think the producers /writers of that movie didn’t care about the inconsistencies in background information because let’s be honest… no one remembers or liked this episode anyway! WOOF.

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