Thursday, August 18, 2011

Mirror, Mirror

I’m ready to go to Chicago and ready to have a grand time with my friends. Even more exciting is that I think I am finally done setting things up in my room at school which means that the year should be able to get started on an easier note. No real grand thoughts for the day, to be honest I’m a bit thought out for the summer and need the next two weeks to take a break from thinking!!!

Today’s Workout:
Treadmill: 1.8miles and 245 calories

Weekly Weigh-in: 241 (down 15 lbs)

Mirror, Mirror
Kirk, McCoy, Scotty and Uhura are on an away mission to negotiate a mining deal with a group of aliens called the Helkens. They beam up during an ion storm and something happens during the transport and the landing party is transported to an alternate universe and their counterparts are thus switched to the regular universe. In the alternate universe the crew we know and love are a group of savage power hungry people out to conquer the galaxy. There is no federation but an Empire in its place. Kirk and company soon figure out that they can rig the transporter to get them back to their own world. While attempting to get more information Kirk is nearly assassinated by Chekov and his henchmen. Apparently the crew moves up in rank through assassinating their superior officers. Sulu constantly hits on Uhura throughout the episode but of course has no success. We are introduced to Kirk’s alternate reality love interest a chemical lab technician who apparently has slept around a lot before becoming “the captain’s woman”. When the team is ready to beam back Spock interrupts them to find out more information but allows them to return because he needs his captain back. The crew returns safely but not before Kirk manages to give the alternate Spock a heartfelt talk about making a change in his society to allow for peace.

What a fun episode! We got to see our favorite characters but with a twist. Speaking of twist, the women’s costumes in this episode are insane! Two pieces.. one of which looks like a glorified training bra, and a pair of thigh high HO shoes! Season two really has started out very strong and the next few episodes are even better!

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