Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Mall Of America today! Shopping is so much fun and I got some really good pieces for the upcoming school year. Well and let me be honest I got a few pairs of jeans and a sexy shirt that will be a hit at the club I hope! One of my favorite pieces I bought were a pair of $70 jeans I got for only $35 at the GAP. The jeans were a size 36 and were “slim fit boot cut” YEAH!! Oh and they make me look like I actually have a but which I think the Vatican would certify a miracle, if I could only get the Pope on the phone. The other one is a HUGE bulky sweater which I just love, It has a big ol’ neck on it and looks adorable. The only bummer with the sweater is that it won’t be cold enough to wear for another few months. I have forgotten how much fun the people watching is at MOA! Between the mullets, rat tails, and eye candy it was a great day.

Today’s Workout:
Pilates in the morning and Treadmill in the afternoon
2.17miles and 290calories

The Enterprise is charting an uninhabited planet but has lost contact with the landing party. Suddenly one of the crew members requests to be beamed up but dies in the transporter room following an ominous warning from the surface to leave immediately. Kirk, Spock and McCoy beam down to investigate and encounter a spooky planet and are once again warned by three witches (who are very similar to the three witches from MACBETH).  The crew comes upon a spooky old castle filled with one scary cliché  after another including dungeons, black cats, manacles, and skeletons.  Well the planet is inhabited by two aliens who are trying to learn new things and gain new experiences. These aliens also have powerful skills of telepathy and mind control.  Well once again Kirk must seduce the “female” to get the ship out of danger and save the day. In the end the aliens are killed and things are returned to normal.

This was the one and only Halloween-esque episode of the original series. It was intended to be a little scary and even mentioned Tricks or Treats and other Halloween references. Honestly this is not a great episode but there are some fun moments.

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