Sunday, August 7, 2011

This Side of Paradise

It has been lazy station around my house lately and I have not been too motivated. I need to change this so I get some stuff done before summer ends, but for now I’m enjoying it! I watched some TV and did a little laundry and took a nap. Today I had to go to my parents and do chores, which entails feeding the llamas, horses, donkey, dogs, and cats! I then got to go and see “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” with some friends. Tough movie to watch because it is so damn sad for the first hour but by the end you are truly rooting for the apes to kick the assess of their human oppressors. Go and see it!

Today’s Workout:
Elliptical Machine: 5.82 miles and 473 calories

My parents have a beautiful gym quality elliptical machine that I covet! So since I was at their house today I took advantage and used it for my workout! I burned a ton more calories and can totally tell I worked harder. When I was done I felt like my ass and legs were going to fall off.

This Side of Paradise
The Enterprise is on a mission to determine what happened to the space research team on planet Omicron-3. The planet is subject to deadly radiation and the researchers should be dead after three years but low and behold they are still alive! The survivors are in perfect health and Dr. McCoy cannot explain why. The research party contains an old “flame” of Spock’s who still is in love with him after several years. We come to find that the planet is inhabited by strange plants that produce spores that inhabit a person and change their thoughts. The spores create total harmony and peace within the body they inhabit. Soon the entire landing party, with the exception of Kirk, is affected. Even the crew of the Enterprise is infected when the plants are beamed up for research. The entire crew beams down to the surface to live in harmony. Kirk finds that the spores are disrupted by strong emotions and everything is set right.

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