Friday, August 12, 2011

Operation: Annihilate!

I went to Dunn Bros coffee today to get some work done on my paper and I really got a lot done! I have one section left which should come out to about three more pages, which will bring the grand total to approximately 10-11 pages. While I was at the coffee shop I ran into a few former students of mine. When you work in the schools you are safe nowhere I guess is the moral of the story. The funny thing is that these students were from Elk River schools and I was in Zimmerman, and also I have never run into students at the Caribou in Elk River. So the Moral of the story is this, Caribou is better! I was a little worried to because one of the students is not one that I would let wonder around town on their own.. YIKES!

Today’s Workout:
Treadmill: 2.2miles and 300 calories

Operation: Annihilate!
The Enterprise is conducting a research mission on Deneva a planet on the remote edges of Federation space in connection to a “insanity plague” that has moved through three planets in the past 100 years. This plague has wiped out every living thing these worlds and managed to move to other planets light years away. While in route to Deneva the crew encounters a shuttle pilot heading directly into the sun. Over the subspace transmissions the ship hears the crazed pilot screaming “I’m free, I’m free”.  On the surface Kirk, Spock and the landing party are attacked by a pack of deranged Denevans and then encounter the culprits of this “insanity plague”, some odd jelly fish looking objects that make a buzzing sound. The Enterprise finds Kirk’s sister-in-law, and discovers his brother is dead and his nephew is in critical condition. Shortly after his sister-in-law dies too. Very little attention is paid to this really.. odd. Anyways Spock is infected by these creatures but does not go crazy because he is able to control them using his Vulcan powers. Kirk has a choice destroy the planet to stop the spread of these creatures or to find another alternative. At the last minute Kirk thinks to try exposing the creatures to extreme light which works to kill them. They decide to test this on Spock and it works but it renders him blind. Well they find out that it is ultraviolet light and all the creatures on the planet are killed. Oh and we find out Spock has an inner eyelid which protected his sight.

Thus ends the first season of Star Trek! The show had a bit of a rough start but became increasingly more consistent by the end of its first season and the second season truly was the best of the three! I am so excited to start season 2 tomorrow! Oh and bonus I looked at the scale today and I’m down 15 pounds,, If I keep up that pace and lose 15 a seas I would be down 45 by the end of the original series! Now there’s a goal!

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