Friday, August 19, 2011

The Apple

Off To Chicago for the weekend! YEAH

Today's Workout:
Treadmill: 2.4 miles and 290 calories burned

The Apple
The Enterprise is investigating a strange planet that has been putting out strange electronic readings. Upon beaming down Kirk and crew (including 4 red shirts) they find the planet to be a near perfect paradise. As they explore the planet they are confronted with rocks that explode, poison dart shooting plants and some pretty tan white-haired natives. Well the befriend the natives quickly and learn that they are practically enslaved by this creature known as Val. In the meantime the Enterprise is experiencing technical difficulties caused by the radiating waves from the planet. We find that his is a result of Val and that eventually the Enterprise will crash into the planet if they can't stop the transmission of the energy waves. Val obviously gets pissed at the Enterprise crew for influencing their simplistic lives, because he teaches the Valians to kill people. Well in the end the Enterprise destroys the machine known as Val and the people of Val need to learn to fend for themselves. To me this violates the prime directive but hey back in the 1960's Trek the prime directive was more of a suggestion than a rule.

The Red Shirt deaths are so funny in this episode so here we go:
1- Red shirt one is killed by a poinson dart plant
2- Red shirt two is killed by a lightning bolt
3- Red shirt three is killed by an exploding rock
4- Red shirt four is killed by a villager with a club

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