Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I, Mudd

I love lazy days… especially when they are in the middle of the week. I’ve been doing a little TV watching a bit of light cleaning and just a whole bunch of nothing! Whoo Hooo! There are officially 4 days of summer vacation left after today, how did that happen. Oh well tonight I’m going to see Adele live and I can’t wait!

Today’s Workout
Treadmill: 2.45 miles and 270 calories
30 Squats…OUCH!

So the story behind the squats is this. I have no ASS. It is flat and not in the good way. Some people have an ass, I have what I call an upper thigh/lower back transition area. There is something there with a crack in it but it doesn’t really have a good shape to it! UGH so I am on a mission to make something happen in that area and everyone says to do squats and lunges, so that is what I am doing. If that doesn’t work I saw a really nice pair of padded underwear that will give the illusion of a butt. Then of course comes the explanation when the underwear eventually comes off in front of another person, but let us hope I don’t have to face that road.

I, Mudd
The Enterprise is hijacked by a android named Norma. He takes the ship on a four day voyage to his world where the key crew members are asked to beam down and meet their new host. Well the new host is none other than Harry Mudd! The dastardly space pimp from the first season episode “Mudd’s Women”. Apparently after he was handed over to the authorities he escaped and found this planet of androids by mistake. Well the loveable pimp has become the androids leader and made thousands of female androids, all of whom are wearing very little clothing. The androids need new people to serve and learn from and so Harry promised them a ship’s crew and was lucky enough to get the Enterprise crew. At first Mudd intends to leave the crew stranded but the androids have other plans and eventually they turn on Mudd and inform him that he is no longer their master. Now the crew of the Enterprise and Mudd must work together to confuse the androids who can’t process illogical actions and regain control of the planet. The crew performs odd skits, songs, dances, and uses word puzzles to confuse the androids and of course it works. The best moment though is when Spock tells Norma that “Logic is little tweeting bird in the field”. In the End the Androids are restored to their original program and Harry Mudd is left on the planet to serve the rest of his jail sentence. To add insult to injury Kirk had the androids create over 500 replicas of Mudd’s wife Stella to taunt him for the rest of eternity!

Season two was filled with humor and this is one of the funnier episodes of the season. Harry Mudd is a really fun character and it was a shame he didn’t return for another live episode, he does however return in an animated series episode.

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