Monday, August 8, 2011

Errand of Mercy

Homework, Homework, Homework… that is about all I did today. I sat on the couch and did homework with movies on in the background which helped to make the day faster. It possibly made the homework go slower though.. oh well! Other than homework I made a trip to Wal-Mart to pick some fruit and some printer ink. While at the store I saw a few people in front of me in line both in those store owned power chairs with the cart. Neither of them appeared to have a disability other than being morbidly obese. I guess it is a few you have when you are fat that one day you become so huge you need a chair at Wal-Mart. I would think though at some point a person would say “Holy F, I’m getting big” and do something about it. Which is what I’m doing to slim my fat ass down right now? I do not know these people and the situation which surrounds their weight problems but they do serve as a cautionary tale for all of us! Maybe this is insensitive but it is just an honest observation.

Today’s Workout:
Treadmill: 2.29 Miles and 307 calories

Errand of Mercy
The Enterprise is directed to head to Organia, a non-federation planet near the Klingon neutral zone. The federation is worried that the Klingon Empire will annex the planet because of its strategic location near Federation Territory. Organia is inhabited by a humanoid race that is much less developed than the Federation. When Kirk and Spock beam down Sulu is placed in command and told to leave at the first sign of Klingon hostility because they are outnumbered. Well of course the Klingons attack and invade Organia. The strange thing is the Organians couldn’t be bothered and just sit there smiling as the Klingon commander Kor threatens to kill everyone. Kirk and Spock are given fake identities to keep them safe but are soon discovered. Kirk and Spock begin to sabotage the Klingon’s plans and begin a minor war on the surface. The Organians do not like violence and eventually prevent both sides from fighting and reveal themselves to be beings made up of pure energy and consciousness.  The fighting never takes place but hostilities between the Klingons and Federation continues to build.

This is the first time we see or hear about the Klingons! During the 60’s the Klingons were really a Sci-Fi take on the Soviets and allowed Star Trek to mirror elements of the cold war on their show. This show even is quite an interesting parallel to the Cuban Missile Crisis of the early 1960’s. Like Cuba, Organia was a small unimportant planet near our territory that did not become important until our enemy wanted it for military purposes.  INTERESTING STUFF! Also the Klingons looked incredibly different in the original series because they didn’t have the money to give them rough heads so they simply wore dark wigs and had darker skin.. Sometimes. Interestingly enough in the second seas the Klingons were as pasty as Mr. Spock.

Also interesting is that Kor and two other Klingon characters (Kang and Koloth) were brought back in a few episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine in the mid-1990's. The characters were portrayed by the same actors.. how fun!

Klingon Commander Kor
1967                                1995

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