Monday, August 8, 2011

Devil in the Dark

Got up late today and that was okay but didn’t get anything done this morning which means Monday will be college homework day! Today I ended up going to a baseball game with my dad which was fun but OMG the sun just baked me for hours. I think I know what a baked potato feels like. If only I could get someone to eat me up with butter, sour cream and a few chives! On second thought,, no thanks. I then went to a meeting and out to drinks with some friends afterwards. I love having deep conversations with friends!

Today’s Workout:
Treadmill: 2.09 miles and 260 calories burned

Devil in the Dark
The Enterprise is routed to help out on a mining colony after a series of sabotages and mysterious deaths. When the Enterprise arrives a survey is completed and the recommendation is to kill the creature that is causing the problem. Initially there is some soul searching about whether or not kill the creature because of scientific reasons. Spock and McCoy have a heated debate on the possibility of silicon-based life forms in the universe. The creature is indeed silicon based and has the ability to move through rock like humans move through air. The miners have found several round objects they call silicon orbs and have started a practice of just destroying them and throwing them out of their way. Kirk and Spock encounter the beast and Spock performs a mind-meld to determine what the creature wants and to communicate the needs of the humans. We find out that this is a Horta, an ancient silicon based creature that dwells in the deep crust layers of the planet. She is the last of her kind and is ready to be the mother to a new generation of Horta. The silicon orbs are actually eggs. In the end Spock makes a deal with the Horta to have them help the humans in an equal relationship and everyone is happy!

The moral of the story is: Don’t judge a book by its cover! Even though the Horta looked awful it was genuinely a peaceful creature that when reasoned with would be helpful to the miners!

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