Friday, August 5, 2011

A Taste of Armageddon

Is it Friday or Sunday? Ever since I have finished the summer school jobs I have only had things to do on two days of the week. Which would be great but it is really starting to confuse me! So to limit my confusion I am proposing that I rename my days of the week in the following order:

Monday   Tuesday   Wednesday   Friday   Saturday   Lazyday   Amazingday

… so that makes tomorrow Lazyday and I fully intend to celebrate it by sleeping in.

Yesterday I went to work to do some set up and meet with my Jostens rep which was great and then it was off to go wedding dress shopping with my friend Andrea. What a fun day but it left no time for a workout. Today has been a bit less intense and I’m currently eating Chinese food and watching my favorite episodes of Will & Grace.

Today’s Work Out-
Treadmill 1.97miles and 266 calories

Weekly Weigh-In: 244 

That is officially down 12 pounds!

A Taste of Armageddon
The Enterprise is on a diplomatic mission to Eminiar VII to open political relations with the federation. The Enterprise is playing host to Ambassador Fox who is overseeing the mission. FYI he’s a bit of a prick too who really doesn’t understand starship rules and safety procedures. When the Enterprise enters the Eminiar system they are given a code warning that they are not to enter because if they did they would be in grave danger. Of course this warning is not paid any attention and well the shit start to hit the fan quickly. Kirk and the landing party find out the Eminiar VII is at war with the neighboring planet Vendikar. This war though is fought through computers and no real weapons are used to cause damage. Instead the two planets fight through computers and deaths are calculated by a computer. The supposed casualties then have 24 hours to willingly enter a disintegration chamber and be terminated. WTF! Well of course the Enterprise is targeted and the crew is considered dead. The Eminiar government must have these people dead or else risk total attack from Vendikar. In the end Kirk and Spock destroy the war computers and end the electronic war, for good or for worse. A big risk on Kirk’s behalf and seems to violate the prime directive of Starfleet but oh well. Everything ends well and the Enterprise is off.

Though not a great episode it is an example of how Star Trek was able to make some pretty bold statements about current events under the guise of science fiction. During a time when the U.S.A was engaged in an unpopular war in Vietnam, Star Trek made an incredibly bold anti-war statement. I’ve always felt that intelligent Sci-Fi should make a statement about our lives in the present day.

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  1. Congrats on losing 12 lb!! You look awesome! The new archive also looks awesome! AWESOME! :o)