Sunday, August 28, 2011

Friday's Child

Well the summer is over folks! Tomorrow it is back to the daily grind which I am actually very excited about. I sometimes feel that I am becoming one of my students with Autism. I say this because when I don’t have a great deal of structure in my daily routine I tend not to function as well. So the summer is fun for about a week and then I am all about “having something to do”. This blog actually has really helped to set up that structure. Some people in my life say that I keep myself to busy, but in all honesty I am a master of time management and so having a schedule that is full but predictable is almost better than having a wide open schedule. That is just who I am.

Today’s workout:
Treadmill: 2.10miles and 305 calories

Friday’s Child
The Enterprise has been sent to Kapella 4 to negotiate a deal for exclusive mining rights on the planet, oh and the Klingons want to obtain mining rights as well. McCoy was stationed on this planet several years before and informs the crew of the many rules and taboo’s of Kapellan society. The Kapellans are giants with the short ones being around 7 feet tall and they wear the most ridiculous outfits ever consisting of what looks like spandex and faux fur. Anyway the crew beams down to find a Klingon already on the planet and one thing leads to another and a red shirt ends up dead. The Klingon and Kirk present their case for mining to the leader of the Kapellans and the second in command makes some bold political moves. In the middle of the night there is a giant fight going on and the leader, Akaar, is killed and the second in command, Maab, takes control of the Kapellans. While in the main tent being briefed Kirk accidentally touches the pregnant wife of the former leader, which is forbidden on Kapella. Well Kirk, Spock, and McCoy end up escaping and kidnap the young woman, Eleen, and flee to the mountains. Eleen is a strong willed woman who does not want the child inside of her because on Kapella the child is the property of the man, and since the father is dead it has no place in the world.  Kirk and Spock are in charge of defending the group from Kapellan attack. In the end the Klingon reveals he was working with Maab to get mining rights but both the Klingon and Maab end up dead and Eleen and her baby become the leaders of Kapellan society.  The second plot is that the Enterprise is called away on an emergency which is discovered to be a trap to distract them from the Klingon’s attempting to get their people on Kapella 4.

This is a great episode with some very funny moments. Since Eleen won’t allow the others to touch her and McCoy needs to touch her to complete his work a lot of humor stems from this. When McCoy attempts to touch her she slaps him in the face twice to which he responds with a slap. After the bitch fight is over she allows only McCoy to touch her! Eleen is played by the amazing Julie Newmar and she is beautiful and funny all at the same time. The plot contains a lot of political drama but does so in a funny way.

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