Saturday, August 13, 2011

Amok Time

Went shopping today! Some people play sports, I shop! But like everyone’s favorite sports shopping should be a team activity and today I flew solo. I had a huge coupon for 30% off and went and got a few items for back to school time. I bought a shirt and the size was… LARGE. OMG I couldn’t believe it when I put on the XL and it was a bit too loose. FUN TIMES. Oh and the pants were a size smaller as well. I am liking these little reminders and signs that the hard work is paying off!

Today’s Workout:
Treadmill- forgot to capture the time and calorie counter… woops

Amok Time
Kirk and McCoy notice that Spock has been acting weird the last few days and has not been eating and are beginning to get worried about their friend. Spock requests to go to Vulcan for shore leave and Kirk hesitates until Spock says it must be on Vulcan. The Enterprise alters its current course to Vulcan but Starfleet requests they change course. After Spock tries to change the course he is ordered to have medical examination. McCoy then explains to Kirk that if Spock does not go to Vulcan he will die in a matter of days from a chemical imbalance. When the Enterprise arrives we find out that Spock is going through Pon Far a Vulcan equivalent to puberty.  We also meet T’Pring, Spock’s wife/fiancé. When they beam down to the planet the marriage party arrives but T’Pring rejects Spock. Spock must then fight T’Pring’s “champion” to the death a fact that is left out until after Kirk is chosen as the champion. Kirk and Spock enter a fight to the death resulting in Kirk’s apparent death shortly after McCoy injects him with a compound to help him breath better. Spock demands that T’Pring explain her choosing the fight, she basically says she has fallen in love with someone else and no matter who won the fight she would still be with that other Vulcan. In the end Spock beams up to resign his command and has a shocking emotional outburst when we find that Kirk was merely unconscious and not dead.

This is the first episode we meet Ensign Chekov who was brought on to draw a younger crowd and show some Soviet diversity to the show.

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