Saturday, August 27, 2011

Journey to Babel

So yesterday I had to put down my kitty buddy Gulliver. He has been in my family for 15 years and lived with me for the last three years. I will miss that crazy boy a lot! I hate to say this but I observe that my other cat Miss Twitter seems to be ok with the loss… I’m sure she is sad in her way but enjoys my undivided attention.  Other than that news I have been working at my parent’s house and sister’s house stacking and bailing hay. I know it sounds fund but trust me people it is not! And as a negative bonus doing hay makes your arms look like you have been doing Rock and shooting up for about a week straight! YIKES

Today’s Workout:
Treadmill: 324 calories and 2.45 miles

Journey to Babel
The Enterprise is playing host to over 100 Federation delegates on a two week voyage to a neutral planet called Babel. Once on the planet there will be a debate about allowing a new planet into the Federation. When the Vulcan ambassador is picked up Kirk offers Spock the opportunity to beam down and visit his parents before they depart. Spock informs Kirk that Ambassador Sarek and his wife Amanda are his parents… WHAT! And apparently Sarek and Spock have not spoken for over 18 years. Let the drama begin! While in route the delegates argue and one who looks like a human/pig cross gets into a very heated debate. Minutes later the pig-man is found dead and Sarek is the prime suspect. When confronted we find learn that Sarek has a rare and fatal disease and needs surgery ASAP and Spock is the only one who can donate blood. All is well until an Andorian attacks and nearly kills Kirk. At this point Spock refuses to help with surgery because of the circumstances surrounding the ship require his attention more than the surgery. Kirk is half-recovered and tricks Spock into going into the surgery to save his father. While in command the Enterprise is attacked and we find out that the Andorian prisoner is not an Andorian at all. Turns out that the murder attempts and attack on the ship were a plot to keep the planet out of the Federation. Sarek and Spock pull through and reform their relationship.

What a great episode that is all about family and the choices we make as children and parents. Sarek and Amanda are perfectly cast in their roles and will later reprise them in the Star Trek movies of the 1980’s and 90’s.

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