Thursday, August 11, 2011

The City On The Edge Of Forever

My room at school is like 80% set up for the year! Yes I know that the year does not start for about a month but I am the type of person who needs to have their physical environment settled before I can do any type of mental work. So I’m feeling really good today about the layout and design of my room and I’m hoping to have it done on Monday. I was a little bad today because I went to Chipotle and ate the entire chicken burrito… OMG those things are HUGE! I have not had one in a few months and feel like I ate a small child for lunch today. Uber light dinner is in order.

Today’s Workout:
Treadmill:  2.76 miles and 350 calories

Weekly Weigh-In! Today’s weight was 242lbs that puts me down 14 lbs. Time to kick the diet up a notch.

The City On The Edge of Forever
In an accident McCoy injects himself with an incredibly large dose of a narcotic and he goes for lack of a better term… Bat Shit Crazy! He runs away from the crew and assaults a crew member to beam down to the planet below. There are a number of strange waves emanating from the planet below that are causing temporal waves. When Kirk, Spock and the landing party beam down the find a giant structure that refers to itself as “The Guardian” and he explains that he open a door to whatever time you wish to visit. When he shows the Earth’s history and McCoy, in his drugged stupor, runs into the past. In the next few minutes Kirk and crew lose contact with the ship. The Guardian informs the crew that past has been changed and that they have no choice but to head back in time and try to fix the error. Hello Quantum Leap! Kirk and Spock travel to the early 1930’s and arrive approximately a week prior to McCoy’s entrance in time. Kirk and Spock meet a social worker named Edith Keeler, who helps them survive for the week until McCoy arrives. We find out the Edith is the key to change in the timeline and that if she does not die in a motor accident the US won’t enter WWII and as a result the Nazi’s will control the planet. To throw another hitch into the plan Kirk falls in love with Edith Keeler and has the tough job now of letter her die at the appropriate time. In the end they are reunited with McCoy and Edith Keeler dies before the group’s eyes. History is restored but we are left with an extremely pensive ending.

This episode is often touted as the best Star Trek:The Original Series episode, and I would say it really is in the top 5 for sure. The show has everything you need from drama, suspense, a little humor and a good touch of sci-fi time travel. The show also has a great guest star in Joan Collins as the tragic Edith Keeler who must die (as Spock says nearly 15 times in the episode I swear). OMG Joan Collins,, she is amazing and about 15 years later went onto play the incredible Alexis Carrington on the wonderfully campy and over the top DYNASTY! During college I sadly became addicted to reruns of this show on the soap network…. Oh memories!

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