Friday, September 2, 2011

Wolf in the Fold

Workshop week has come to an end and I’m supposed to be ready for school to start on Monday.. but wait I’m not. I think that all educators face this challenge every year but we simply get used to the fact that a big part of education is learning how to punt. I have missed the last two days’ workouts because I have simply been too busy working and getting shit done. Okay so one day I got home at 7:30 and just couldn’t get off the couch after I sat down and yesterday I went to happy hour after work. I have dubbed myself “The Unofficial Head of the Unofficial Social Committee” and thus thought it was time to get the group to a bar! It was a wonderful night. I am always amazed how people from such different backgrounds can have fun and hang out together because of one common trait… working in a school. Love the staff at my school and I’m excited for school next week.

Today’s Workout:
Treadmill 2 miles and 210 calories

Weekly Weigh-in: 238 (nothing gained nothing lost… yeah!)

Wolf In The Fold
Kirk and McCoy take Mr. Scott out for some shore leave,,, how nice of them! Well to be truthful they take him to what could best be described as a Brothel or Strip Club. CLASSY! So Scotty and a stripper go for a walk and later she is found dead with Scotty holding a knife and standing over her dead body. The authorities investigate and so does the crew of the Enterprise. When a female crewmember is beamed down to do some tests… she is killed too in almost the same fashion. Later the prefect and his wife who is a “medium” of sorts does an ancient empathic séance and well after freaking out and talking about a being  that is pure evil.. she is dead too. Again seemingly at Scotty’s hands. The investigation is transferred to the Enterprise where after a long court scene the crew determines that Scotty is not guilty and that a creature made of pure energy that feeds on hate, anger, and fear. This entity was also known as “Jack The Ripper” in the 1800’s. The Entity is now on the Enterprise and attempts to take over the Enterprise and kill the entire crew. In an attempt to limit fear the whole crew is given a massive dose of a tranquilizer. Eventually the being and the man it is inhabiting is sent out into space and essentially killed. In the End Kirk still wants to go to the strip club on the planet but no one will go with him.. Sad face for Kirk.

This episode used to freak me out when I was a little kid! I can distinctly remember watching it as a pre-teen and being scared shitless. I know this sounds sad and you are right… I am a big wimp and can hardly watch scary movies without freaking out. That said… this is a really good episode!

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