Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Omega Glory

So this workout actually happened on Thursday but… I didn’t have the time to write it up. Then on Friday I was running errands and went to the Twins game and had no time to myself but had a blast. I was feeling a little under the weather on Friday but WOW today hit and I have a 102 degree fever and a sinus infection. YEAH urgent care sucks but at least I’m on antibiotics and a fever reducer. All the while I’m supposed to be house sitting at my parents. UGH.

The Omega Glory
The Enterprise is once again investigating the disappearance of a starship. On board Kirk, McCoy and Spock find the entire crew dead and the captain has beamed down to the planet. On the planet the Enterprise crew discovers a society where the people are in an early industrial age and the dominant culture is Asian and referred to as the “Coms” and the other group is a big hulking Scandinavian looking group called the  “Yangs”. Coms= communist and Yangs= Yankees. Extremely thinly  veiled references. The people of the planet live to be hundreds of years old and the Captain of the Exeter believes he has found a fountain of youth but McCoy proves that there are no illnesses and that these people naturally live this long. Years prior there was a horrific war which wiped out many of the planets natural diseases and such. Well Kirk gets in good with the Yangs and we discover that they used to be part of a society that nearly mimicked the USA right down to the flag. Kind of a lame episode not going to lie!

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