Monday, September 12, 2011

By Any Other Name

To quote the Mamas and the Papas… “Monday Monday can’t trust that day..”. Yikes the first Monday of the school year came and went and I survived. I worked went to my other job and then worked out. I’m tired and ready to go to work tomorrow and then the first night of rehearsal in Minneapolis.

Today’s Workout:
Treadmill: 280 Calories and 2.15miles

By Any Other Name
While investigating a mysterious signal on a distant planet the crew of the Enterprise is kidnapped and the ship is hijacked. The hijackers are a group of aliens from the distant world of Andromeda who have assumed the shape of humans despite the fact that naturally they look like giant octopuses or something similar. The aliens have the ability to freeze people and evaporate them into a salt ball. The balls can be rehydrated if they are not destroyed. The aliens demonstrate this fact when they evaporate Yeoman Thompson and crush her salt ball, thus killing her. The entire crew is evaporated with the exception of Kirk, Spock, McCoy and Scotty. Once the ship crosses the great barrier to leave the galaxy they devise a plan to overthrow the aliens. Since the aliens have not been humans and can not easily process the emotions and sensations they are experiencing the crew uses this to its advantage. McCoy starts by getting one of the aliens addicted to a chemical substance to make him extremely irritable. Scotty proceeds to get into a drinking match with one of the aliens and in the process they drink about 4-5 bottles alcohol before they both pass out. Kirk seduces the hot female alien because she is naïve in the ways of love. Meanwhile, Spock plays the role of the bitchy gay best friend and stirs the pot between the leader and the female Kirk seduces. In the end tensions fly and so do the punches before the aliens return control of the ship to the crew.

This episode has the distinction of being the only show in which a Red Shirt dies who is a female. Hundreds of guest actors ‘died’ on that show in a red shirt but only one female and she didn’t even get to die on screen. The woman was turned into a salt ball and then crushed into a fine powder. The show's name derives from a quote by Shakespeare in "Romeo & Juliet" in which he compares the smell of a rose not being sweet if we were to call it any other name.

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