Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Trouble with Tribbles

What a lazy day this Saturday has been! I’ve been watching the Jurassic Park movies… I’m not sure why but thought they would be fun for the day. The first two are better than I remembered and the third is well not as good as I remember. Besides just hanging out I’m going to be getting drinks with some friends!

Today’s Workout:
Treadmill: 2.4 miles and 300 calories

The Trouble With Tribbles
The Enterprise is on route to Sherman’s Planet to help oversee the Federation claim on the planet. While on route they receive a priority 1 call from station K-7 that they are in dire need of assistance. When they arrive Kirk and Spock discover that there is nothing wrong except for an uptight Federation under secretary who wants guards for the precious grain being stored on the station. Kirk and Mr. Barriss continue to bicker and fight throughout the entire episode which is just hilarious to see. Kirk assigns guards to the grain and returns to the ship. Shortly after the Klingons arrive at the station requesting shore leave, and due to treaty rights they can’t turn them down. So the compromise is only 12 Klingons at a time and a matching number of Enterprise crew to balance it out. It is about this time that Uhura and Chekov arrive at the K-7 bar to do some shopping and Uhura buys a Tribble from Cyrano Jones. Jones informs Uhura that a tribble is the only love that money can buy. For those who don’t know a tribble is a little ball of fur that makes a cooing sound and reproduce at will as the crew of the Enterprise finds out. Eventually there are tribbles all over the Enterprise and the space station. When the tribbles are found in the Enterprise air shafts Kirk starts to worry about the grain compartments. Well surprise surprise the grain shafts are loaded with tribbles but they are almost all dead. It seems that the grain has been poisoned by a Klingon agent. At first Cyrano Jones is the suspect but the Federation Secretary’s aid is found to be a the Klingon agent disguised as a human. When Kirk returns to the Enterprise it is Tribble-less and Scotty informs everyone that he beamed them all to the Klingon engine room, because Klingons and Tribbles don’t quite like each other.

This is possibly the most famous episode of the Original Series and it is one of the few out and out comedies they ever produced. The episode spawned a sequel in the animated series and reimagining in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

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