Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Glee For The Day, Back To Star Trek Tomorrow!

So I didn’t watch Star Trek today but I did still work out! I missed yesterday’s episode of Glee because I had choir rehearsal so I thought I would watch it today on Hulu. Apparently HULU is a pain in the ass these days and episodes of GLEE are not available until 8 days after the first air date.. WHAT? Well it was a tough decision but I finally ditched Netflix and signed up for Hulu Plus.. I gotsta have my glees and can’t wait 8 days. YIKES!.

Say what you will about Glee it is one of my favorite shows because of the music, the story and it just makes me smile like none other! Another reason I love the show is that it is everything I wish I had while I was in High School. As a teenager there were no teens like me on TV. There was of course Will and Grace but that was adults who had gotten past their High School days and survived but had nothing great to say about adolescence. Glee though features students who are out and proud and having some difficulty with bullying but being loved and supported by their friends. The show has also gotten people to talk about issues facing kids and at times has given me and my folks things to chat about. LOVE this show and the opening episode was enjoyable. I think I’m developing a silly celebrity crush on Darren Criss though.. and I’m feeling the whole thing is just a little to “tiger beat magazine” but oh well!

BTW--- Glee Wednesdays will become a regular occurance from now until the season ends in May!

Today’s Workout:
Treadmill- 2.17 miles and 300 calories

Weekly Weigh-in: 233lbs… I’m down 23 pounds!!!

PS.... Where can I get Me a Pair of red pants??????

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  1. Looking forward to Glee Wednesdays! You're not the only one with a crush on Darren Criss, except when he overdoes it with the facial expressions :o)

    And although the seemed to have upped the slutty factor during the cheerleaders' dancing, it was a good episode! I liked the Anything Goes number!