Monday, September 26, 2011

Spock's Brain

Craziness at work today.. YIKES. It is was school wide photo day today which means I spent about 30 minutes on the roof of the school today. Of course it is a four day process so I get to do it the next three days and as it were I’m not a big fan of heights. The reward of course is that the photo turned out brilliantly and the kids were well behaved. I do always have this vision of the poor school kids watching Mr. Olson plummeting to his death from the roof of the gym. So to all of my friends please keep me in your thoughts for good weather!

Today’s Workout:
300calories and 2.25miles

Spock’s Brain
So the entire fandom of Star Trek campaigned and campaigned to get a third season of Star Trek and the network relented and the show moved forward into season three. Upon hearing this fans rejoiced, that is of course I imagine until they saw this episode. The premise is simple, a mysterious alien woman beams on board the Enterprise, paralyzes the crew and steals Spock’s brain. Well the crew comes to and finds Spock in sickbay, brainless and they begin pursuing the alien ship to retrieve the brain and put it back in his body. Big Neanderthal men people the planet on the surface and scantily clad women who are as dumb as a box of hair inhabit the underground. These women capture the landing party and a robotically controlled Spock but they have no knowledge of the word brain or other concepts we take for granted. Spock ’s brain is found to be the new planet controller and is operating the entire planet. The controller shares information with the stupid women when it needs to so they may be smart for a limited time. The leader of the woman refuses to help so McCoy puts on the “thinking hat” and performs the surgery. Well it goes well until the last hour and McCoy starts to fumble so he turns on Spock’s vocal folds and the two complete the surgery together.
The most enjoyable moment of the show is when Kirk, Chekov, Sulu, Uhura and Scott have a conversation about the plan to save Spock. This is fun because in a normal episode this conversation would have been between McCoy, Kirk and Spock. It is nice to see the other crew members get to deliver intelligent lines for once. 

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