Saturday, September 24, 2011


Today is all about finally watching the Star Wars movies on Blu-Ray. I bought them last week and have been wanting to watch them all week! I watched the Phantom Menace last night and found the changes made to the movie a welcome addition. I don’t understand why Lucas decided to use a puppet for Yoda again in that movie and was happy to see it replaced by a CGI character because the puppet was dreadful! I can’t believe that movie came out 12 years ago this year. I can remember waiting in uncontrollable excitement to go see the movie as a sophomore in high school. I can remember getting in a van with a bunch of my friends and heading to the East Bethel movie theater and feeling overwhelmed when the familiar yellow scroll started to whiz by! I can also remember leaving it thinking.. “I’ve been waiting all my life for that? WTF” It has gotten better in my eyes over the years but it is not perfect still and most likely is the worst of the six. Now I’m starting to watch Attack of the Clones, the second worst of the movies. Ya know it used to be that you could watch the Star Wars trilogy and there wasn’t a week one in the bunch; now you have to sit through two fairly mediocre movies before you can watch one ok movie and three awesome movies. Later today I’m heading to have dinner with my family at my sister’s house.. I’ve heard it will be Chili… J

Today’s Workout-
Treadmill: 273 calories and 2.21miles

Assignment: Earth
The Enterprise has traveled back in time to do some undercover research in the year 1968. This to me seems extremely ridiculous because they are opening themselves up to something bad to happen… which of course it does. The Enterprise interrupts a transporter beam and finds itself playing host to a Mr. Gary Seven and his cat Isis. Mr. Seven claims to be a human who has been working for an alien power and is attempting to stop a catastrophe from happening on Earth that will destroy the planet. Well Kirk can’t decide if he should trust Mr. Seven or not and decides to hold him in the brig until the medical report on him comes back, Of course he escapes and heads down to Earth to complete his mission. Gary Seven is a head agent who is actually human and working for an alien planet and has come to make sure two agents complete their job. He discovers that his two agents were accidentally killed and he now must sabotage a NASA launch to prevent the USA from putting nuclear warheads in orbit. Upon beam down Kirk and Spock find Mr. Seven and the ditzy secretary who was hired by his two dead agents. On fumble happens after another but Mr. Seven ends up succeeding in his plan which was actually to detonate the NASA warhead satellite in the high atmosphere. This leads to increased nuclear talks and eventual peace on Earth.

This is an interesting episode because the characters of the Enterprise play second fiddle to Gary Seven and Roberta Lincoln but it still manages to be fun and engaging. This is the only episode in which the guest star’s name appears on the title shot of the episode. Also of note is that this was a proposed “pilot” idea for a spinoff featuring Gary Seven and Roberta Lincoln’s adventures in time travel. That show of course was not picked up by the network. The character of Roberta Lincoln is played by future Young Frankenstein star Teri Garr. She was later nominated for an OSCAR in 1982 for Tootsie. This was the year of my birth and coincidentally Terri Garr is my Hollywood birthday buddy!

I'm finished With Season 2 and now on to the 3rd and final season of Star Trek: The Original Series. I'm starting to debate whether or not to include Star Trek: The Animated Series in my workout plan? So readers let me know if you have any thoughts on that matter.

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