Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Immunity Syndrome

Day one of school down and we’re off! I’m glad to be back and had a great time meeting all of my new kids. What a bunch of funny little kids I’m going to get to work with this year. Each year countless things happen at work that are for lack of a description both Hilarious, Sad, and Mind-Boggling at the same time. I’ve often thought of writing these little nuggets of joy down and writing a 365 day calendar of coffee book. Who knows that may be in my future someday.

Today’s Workout:
Treadmill- 2.11miles and 290calories

The Immunity Syndrome
The Enterprise is diverted to a space system in trouble in which a Vulcan-manned ship has mysteriously been destroyed. The Enterprise encounters are large black mass in space that begins to drain the power from the ship and from the members of the crew. As the ship becomes weaker so do the crewmembers themselves who begin fainting and dropping like flies! When the ship attempts to pull back they are shot forward and thus we find that everything in this black mass is opposite of normal space. At the center of the black mass the crew finds a gigantic single celled organism. McCoy and Spock compare this organism to an Amoeba, and they learn this organism is ready to reproduce by mitosis. It is at this point that McCoy and Spock get into an argument over who will leave the ship in a shuttlecraft to gather information. Kirk is faced with making this hard decision and he eventually lets Spock go. In the end Kirk and McCoy decide to treat the organism like a virus and launch a gigantic anti-mater probe into the nucleus to destroy it. Well this works and everyone lives,,, even Spock.  

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