Friday, September 30, 2011

The Paradise Syndrome

I have a recent love for spicy food but I’m still a spice wimp. I know that makes no sense and I can’t even comprehend it either but it has been a fun adventure. Tonight I made Szechuan beef and veggies and it was soo good but yeah just a bit too spicy. Thank god I was at home because I was sitting there on my couch eating Asian food and sweating my ass off! Note to self, do not bring this food to work for lunch unless I also bring deodorant and body wash. In addition to that adventure I was at Target getting a few supplies and other food items and it happened; I got stuck behind the lady with the screaming kid! UGH And the worst part about it was that she wasn’t doing anything about the little skid mark’s screaming.  Come on people be a parent and make an effort at least to shut the kid up or don’t bring them shopping.

Today’s Workout- Treadmill but forgot to write down any of the information… woops

The Paradise Syndrome
The Enterprise is doing some preliminary investigation on a planet that is doomed to be destroyed unless they can blow up the asteroid that is heading towards it. The planet is nearly identical to Earth and the inhabitants are very similar to Native American Indians from say the 1700’s. They discover a monolith that seems out of place and Kirk falls into a secret mechanical room and gets his brain washed by some accidental power surge. McCoy and Spock have to leave to blow up the approaching asteroid so Kirk is left missing. From here there are two stories. The first is that Kirk is thought to be a ‘god’ and becomes the tribes magic man and marries a native. This of course all happens over two months. The second story is set on the Enterprise where Spock leads the ship to the asteroid where they cannot destroy it because they wear out their power. Now the Enterprise heads back to the planet at impulse power followed by the asteroid. The trip will take an estimated 2 months. Once they arrive they will have 4 hours to destroy the asteroid. McCoy and Spock beam down in time to save Kirk from an angry Indian mob when it is discovered that he is not a ‘god’. In the end things work out and the Enterprise is off to a new adventure.

Ok so two things… Is this episode Lame as hell and campy entertainment YES… Is it offensive as hell and inappropriate.. HELL YES. While watching Kirk in American Indian garb the only thing I could hear in my head was Cher singing “Half Breed… That’s all I ever heard.. Half Breed.. How I learned to hate the word”.

Also this is post 60! WOW I’m so happy with how this blog is going and the response and support I have been getting from friends! THANK YOU ALL

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