Sunday, October 2, 2011

And The Children Shall Lead

What a weekend! I missed my workout yesterday because it was simply too busy to fit it into the schedule. On Saturday I went to an apple orchard with my parents and sister. It was the same one I remember going to every year with my parents as a kid, so it was a bit like walking down memory lane. Now I don’t know about you and maybe I’m too much of a rigid rule bound thinker but to me if you are in an apple orchard it is not ok to pick an apple off a tree and eat it without paying for said apple? Am I right or am I being too uptight??? After the apple orchard we went out to eat and got Thai food.. YUM and then did a few chores at my sisters and hung out. I then got the chance to introduce my sister to all of my crazy theatre friends and I think she had a blast and I know I did! A crazy night and I ended up staying out until four in the morning. Since yesterday was all about having fun today sadly had to be all about work and work I did. Laundry, Cleaning and Lesson Planning!

Today’s Workout:
300 calories and 2.40miles on the treadmill

And The Children Shall Lead
The Enterprise is sent to investigate a distress signal on a distant science outpost. Upon arrival the scientists are all found to be dead with only the five children remaining on the surface. The children do not seem fazed by what has happened to their parents and quite honestly they seem happy and joyful. The children are brought up to the Enterprise and the crew begins to notice unusual things about the children’s behavior but no one can seem to put a their finger on what is happening. We find out that the children are under the influence of a strange alien power that has traveled with them to the Enterprise. The alien wants to take control of a planet where he can rule and have total power and is using the children to do his dirty work. The children slowly start taking control of the minds of the crewmen by using fear and mind control. This is signified by the child doing a Jersey Shore-esque ‘Fist Pound’ four times. The crew are all zombies with the exception of Kirk and Spock who must release the children from the alien’s control. They accomplish this by showing the kids pictures of their parents and making them cry… a lot!

An interesting episode for the most part. The kids are annoying and bratty but they serve their purpose and are a little "Children of the Corn".  The story tells an interesting tale of how the powerful will try to corrupt the innocent to get what it wants.

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