Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Tholian Web

In reality it is Tuesday but in my world today is a combination of Wednesday and Thursday. It is MEA week, the most sacred of holidays to those of us who are employed in a Minnesota school district. Why is it so sacred you ask? Well here is the answer and it is pretty simple. This is the seventh week of school and we are all tired and need a break!

In other news I am a horrible person and I think I finally figured that out today. You see I was a bit gassy today and was in the middle of a yearbook meeting and had a little gas evacuate my body. Instead of owning up to it an apologizing to those around me I looked around made a dirty face and may have kinda implied it was not me and that it was another student. I didn’t mean to but I also didn’t go out of my way to correct the other’s assumptions. WOW.. am I still that pathetic teenager who thought people would harass and tease me forever if I farted in class? Am I still desperately trying to be one of the cool kids? Are the sales girls at Barney’s right… am I a bad person? (LOL,, will and grace moment)

Also I am sitting here at Panera Bread eating a lovely dinner of soup and a half sandwich and again am by the moms who don’t give a shit what their kids are doing!. Slowly but surely the entire section has cleared out around these two mothers and their kids are running around like little bastards!
Oh and by the way… this workout happened yesterday but I’m writing it today.

The Tholian Web
The Enterprise is investigating the loss of communication with the USS Defiant and they find it to be shifting in and out of this universe. The landing party of McCoy, Spock, Chekov, and Kirk find that something has happened on board and all of the crew is dead. Apparently they have all gone crazy and killed each other. They leave the ship but Kirk is apparently lost in the other universe with the Defiant. At this time the Enterprise starts a search and Chekov goes crazy. He apparently has picked up whatever the crew of the Defiant had. Just before the Defiant is supposed to reappear a representative from the Tholian Alliance shows up and informs the Enterprise of their trespassing into Tholian space. They crew has 1 hour to find Kirk and get out. The hour comes and the Defiant doesn’t show up. It is assumed that Kirk is lost forever and a funeral service is planned. Uhura and other crew members begin reporting seeing Kirk’s ghost. In the end the Enterprise is not trapped by the Tholians and Kirk is returned to our universe. 

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