Saturday, October 22, 2011

Wink Of An Eye

Nothing really to interesting to say today.. Sorry Y’all!

Today’s Workout-
Treadmill- 250 calories 1.5 miles
Wink Of An Eye
The Enterprise is responding to a distress signal that appears to be coming from an uninhabited planet. On the planet while investigating the signal one of the crew members vanishes and the rest of the landing party decides to return to the Enterprise to investigate further. Once upon the Enterprise strange things start to happen and it is discovered that an alien force has taken over the Enterprise and they kidnap Kirk. The aliens only exist in an accelerated time universe so they can’t be seen by the crew. It is assumed that Kirk is dead but the crew continues to investigate his disappearance and try to find him. Meanwhile Kirk has been captured and the female leader of the aliens intends to make Kirk her lover. Kirk resists and figures out a way to communicate. In the end the aliens plan is foiled and the Enterprise is set free.

Now I love me some Star Trek don’t get me wrong but let’s just say not every episode is a charmer! This would be one of those lacking episodes.. big time!

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