Thursday, October 13, 2011

Day of the Dove

ON Tuesday I had a skin graft done to cover a tooth and the dentist informed me that I needed to take it easy for a while. I took yesterday and Tuesday off to relax and recoup and just chill out. For someone who hates the dentist this invasive procedure wasn’t too bad at all. I’m not super comfortable at the moment with the “bandage” in my mouth but all will be ok. Today is a stellar though because my iPad came at work! I asked and got one to use during therapy with my students. The problem now I fear is that I will want to purchase one of my own.

Day of the Dove
The Enterprise is called to a distress signal on a distant planet and are in the process of investigating the planet when the Klingons show up. We come to find that the Enterprise and the Klingons were tricked into visiting the planet by a mysterious being. The two crews begin fighting and a war breaks out on the ship, but all of the modern weapons are replaced with swords and knives. Also the entity is keeping the numbers even and the crew alive so that everyone can fight for the rest of eternity. We learn that this entity feeds off of negative energy and wants the fight to continue. In the end the Enterprise crew captures the Klingon captain’s wife and convinces the Klingons to stop fighting. Once the entity leaves all is well and life goes on.
The episode has a very weak plotline really but is still a powerful message against war, violence, and racism. This is quite heavy  stuff for the 1960’s.

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