Monday, October 10, 2011

Spectre Of The Gun

I have not worked out in a long time it seems, well ok a long time was since last Wednesday. Soo much has gone down since then though that I have not been able to get to the treadmill.  So here we go! Thursday I had a work party which actually turned out to be really really fun! I have worked at the clinic for about a year now and I have never met the women who work in the other branch office so it was fun to put names and faces together. Then on Friday I had to work and get ready for the weekend choir retreat! I got out to Hudson WI and had a great time! I am so excited I am went and now feel like I have a better connection to the group. I may have drunk a bit too much on Saturday but had a blast. The hang over on Sunday was actually worth the good time.. LOL. So Sunday was spent recovering and eating hideously bad McDonald’s breakfast burritos. They are my hangover fix and comfort food, especially when paired with a diet coke. Then I got to hang out with my sister and we laughed and laughed while we watched TV and ate pizza! To top it off I finally cooked a good steak at home… PERFECTION, for a homemade steak that is.
Today’s Workout
310 calories and 2.22miles

Spectre Of The Gun
The Enterprise is on a routine mission to make contact with an alien race. They encounter a buoy and decide to ignore it and forge on ahead to the planet. Once they have landed on the planet they are informed that they will be punished for intruding. They are then magically surrounded by and Old Western town,, specifically Tombstone. It is soon after revealed to be the day of the infamous ‘Gunfight at the OK Corral”. Now how do a bunch of Starfleet officers know about a gunfight that happened like 4 hundred years before… just a little Ridiculous. Well as things begin to unravel and the 5PM gunfight looms ever closer. Chekov dies in a freak accident and the mourning is short as the crew tries to save itself. McCoy and Spock devise a plan to tranquilize the Erpps but it doesn’t work. The gunfight is about to happen when Spock figures out that the entire thing has been in their heads. Spock does a mind meld to tell them to ignore the bullets because they are fake. No one dies and the Enterprise is invited to begin negotiations with the aliens.

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