Monday, October 24, 2011

Elaan of Troyius

Parent-Teacher conference day and it was soo long but thankfully went by really fast! The best part of today was not having to go into work until 11 so I got to take some extra time this morning to get stuff done. I worked out, paid my bills and talked to a loan guy about refinancing! It looks like it may be a go as long as the government fixes their loan rules before too long. I’m now in the process of re-thinking my cable/internet situation. I don’t watch a lot of TV that isn’t on regular networks with a few exceptions but those shows are available online or through my blu ray player. Big decisions to be made.. any suggestions readers?
Treadmill: 295 calories, 2.59miles
Elaan of Troyius
The Enterprise has been sent to transport a Elaasian princess named Elaan to marry the Troyan King. The Elaasians and the Troyans are mortal enemies but the hope is that this marriage will bring about peace and stability in their system. The Elaasians however are a brutal, arrogant and vicious race of people who have no interest in the wishes or rules of other people. While en route Elaan, attempts to murder the Troyan ambassador and Kirk is placed in charge of teaching Elaan the customs and regulations of the Troyan people. Kirk accidentally touches Elaan’s tears and becomes entranced by her sexual powers of attractions. The episode does not take the course of approach one would think at this point. It is revealed that one of Elaan’s guards has betrayed the crew and his planet and now the Klingons are pursuing the Enterprise trying to start a fight. The Enterprise outwits the Klingons, Kirk is able to control his desire to be with Elaan and She is able to change her attitude before the wedding.
This episode is a combination of a cold war thriller and My Fair Lady. Kirk desperately tries to influence and change this young woman’s awful behavior and succeeds in the end. Again this episode features a very strong performance by a talented guest star. This time the guest actress was France Nuyen. She is best known for playing Liat in the film version of South Pacific and for a small role in Battle for the Planet of the Apes. Her career never really took off from what I can tell on IMDB but this was a wonderful performance.

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