Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Whom Gods Destroy

The longest week of the school year is only half way over and I’m tired, but ready for the rest of the week. I must send a huge shout out to my good friend Derek for encouraging me to get on the treadmill today even though I didn’t want to. It is truly a blessing to have friends who support me in my endeavors to get healthy.
Treadmill- 238calories and 1.79miles
Whom Gods Destroy
While visiting one of the only insane asylums left in the galaxy to deliver a new experimental medicine. While there Kirk and Spock are held captive by the inmates who have taken over the facility. Their leader is a former Starfleet captain named Garth, who is currently referring to himself as “Lord Garth”. Garth has also magically developed the power to shape shift for brief periods of time. Basically he is a nut job who is out to take over the galaxy, the only downside to his plan is that Kirk has a security code he must provide before anyone beams up and therefore Garth can’t get up to the ship. Kirk and Spock are tortured and bribed but of course they do not give in to the madman’s desires. Garth throws himself a coronation and then blows up his Orion Slave Girl to prove that he can make a bomb. In the end Spock saves the day when he breaks out from the brig and has to choose between Garth ( in Kirk’s form) and Kirk. Of course everything works out just fine and order is restored to the asylum.

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