Monday, October 3, 2011

Is There In Truth No Beauty?

So nothing interesting really happened today. The only thing remotely interesting was when a 6 year old client called me stupid and slapped my face.. YEAH what a self-esteem booster that was.. hahaha.

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Today’s Workout:
Treadmill- 315calories and 2.35miles

Is There In Truth No Beauty?
The Enterprise has been selected to transport a Medusan ambassador to an important starbase or convention or conference or something along those lines. The Medusans are a people who are intelligent, peaceful, kind, and beyond all of that.. UGLY. Apparently they are ugly to the point that it drives humans insane if they look at them. The incredible thing is that the Ambassador’s assistant and guide is a human female with incredible telepathic powers. Her powers are apparently so great that she was allowed to train on Vulcan, one of the first humans allowed to do so. At a dinner Dr. Miranda Jones has a vision of murder but can’t tell who is thinking of the evil deed. Later she finds it to be the Federation engineer who has accompanied her. He is apparently in love with her and jealous of her relationship with the alien ambassador. He goes to murder the ambassador and sees him and goes crazy! In his madness he sets the Enterprise in a course out of the galaxy and they are lost. It is now that we learn that the Medusans are fantastic navigators. The decision has been made to have Spock mind meld with the Medusan to navigate back to the known galaxy. Dr. Jones refuses to let it happen but it is revealed that she is actually blind and wouldn’t be able to navigate the ship. She sees through a system of sensors she wears over her dress. The drama continues though… After he returns the Enterprise to the regular system Spock goes to break the link with the ambassador and forgets to put on his awesome space glasses to prevent madness. Spock goes mad and it is up to Dr. Jones to probe his mind and fix the madness.  Nothing is happening until Kirk decides to give Dr. Jones the “What for” as he believes she allowed Spock to be wounded because of her jealousy. This of course is the truth and all is set well as she departs with the Medusan ambassador and Spock returns to duty.

The episode is interesting and has a lot to say about our prejudices regarding appearances and our jealousies that remain even if we don’t want them to. The episode also marks the second appearance of Diana Muldaur in the original series.

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