Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Mark Of Gideon

My Internet is down today and it is entirely the fault of my SHITTY ASS cable/internet company. Ladies and Gentlemen I am here to tell you do not use WINDSTREAM MEDIA for your internet and cable needs. I am stuck with them at the moment because they are pretty much the only service available in scenic Zimmerman Minnesota. I say it is their fault of course only because I have done nothing to my hook ups and the service guy pretty much admitted it to me. On Tuesday I called in to change my cable plan and apparently the bitch on the phone turned off my internet but thank god my cable programming hasn’t been changed yet. UGH I hate this.
Treadmill- 280 calories and 2.15miles
Once again I ran today for about the last ten minutes of the episode. I kind of enjoy it.. What is wrong with me?
The Mark Of Gideon
The Enterprise is engaging in diplomatic relations with the planet Gideon who are very secretive and won’t allow more than one person beam down at a time. They have specifically asked for Captain Kirk. Upon beam down Kirk finds himself back in the Enterprise and it is deserted. He immediately assumes that something has happened to the rest of the crew when in reality we learn that he has been transported to fake Enterprise by the Gideons. Kirk meets a girl who attempts to make him fall in love with her and she suddenly falls very ill. The Gideons reveal that their planet is disease free and has a massive overpopulation problem. They are attempting to limit the size of their planet’s population by introducing a new virus to the public. Meanwhile the crew of the real Enterprise is trying to find Kirk and deal with the Gideons who are for lack of a better word a bunch of Ass Hats! Spock beams down and finds the Captain and they take the girl Odana back to the Enterprise to cure her. She reveals that she will still attempt to spread the disease to help her people.
Shocking material for the late 60’s they mentioned contraception on TV and talked about limiting the number of children born and other controversial topics. The Gideon leader makes a speech about how every life is sacred and that people must procreate… It was as if the entire planet was populated with uber devout catholics.. LOL

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