Monday, October 31, 2011

That Which Survives

Happy Halloween Everyone! I’m actually not a big Halloween fan truth be told. As a Kid it was fun and I will forever remember the year our parents sent my sister and I out as a pair of dice. Those costumes were a pain in the butt, though they were cute. I also distinctly remember where I was this very night 20 years ago. The huge blizzard of 1991, I can’t believe that was 20 years ago! I was a mere 8 years old and trudging through the streets of Coon Rapids,  trick or treating. 20 years later the tables have turned in a sense too, I am now the adult handing out candy to the kids. The costumes were adorable but I must say that my favorite one was the kiddo who was dressed up as Neytiri from Avatar, the best part was that I think she was maybe 8 years old. Yeah for little dorks!
That Which Survives
The Enterprise is investigating an odd planet that does not seem to belong or fit the standards of typical planetoid development. Several officers are about to beam down when a mysterious woman appears warning them not to beam down because they would be in danger. Upon materialization on the planet the landing party encounters massive earthquakes and the Enterprise finds itself transported nearly a thousand lightyears away from its previous location. Now the landing party is charged with the task of surviving while the Enterprise is tasked with finding its way back to pick up the landing party. The crew struggles to find a solution but is assisted by the same mysterious alien who helped to move the ship. The landing party is also encountering the same woman who is trying to kill them one by one. We find in the end that this woman is a projection of a person who died thousands of years earlier and that this is not a planet but is truly a space station.
Spock is even more of a Vulcan than usual during this episode and he continually makes snide comments about emotions and inaccurate estimations by the crew. It is like Spock is having his time of the month or something. The alien woman, Lorisa,  is portrayed by Lee Meriwether of Batman fame. An interesting fact about this episode is that after it was filmed series Co-Producer Robert Justman quit. He has stated several times that he could no longer tolerate the decline in the quality of the scripts and the production value of the show in general. After this show the episodes  get worse folks!

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