Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Private Little War

First day back to the clinic which means I put in about a 13 hour work day today… and I still worked out. Yeah Me! I was happy to get back to be honest the money is nice and the kids I’m working with seem really really fun. I’m presenting to my fellow SLPs tomorrow and I’m really nervous about it. I have given this talk before to other speech clinicians but this is a bigger group and I’m less familiar with them because I don’t get to see the elementary folks very often.  I’m sure it will go well.. Wish me luck friends.

Today’s Workout
Treadmilla; 2.23 miles and 276 calories

A Private Little War
The Enterprise is completing a survey of a world Kirk visited years earlier when one of the natives shoots Spock. This is quite the shock as the natives were years behind the riffle stage of development only ten years earlier. Kirk and McCoy beam down to investigate and Kirk is attacked by a Mugatu (no not the fashion designer played by Will Farrell in Zoolander) but a large ape like creature that is poisonous. Now McCoy must reunite Kirk and his old friend the leader of the Hill People. The leader’s wife a “witch woman” heals Kirk and apparently has ambitions to get technology and destroy whoever is not on her side. Well we learn that the Klingons are supplying the City People with weapons in exchange for mining. This starts an arms race and Kirk must decide whether to supply the Hill People with weapons or let them be killed by the City People. In the end it seems Kirk gives them equal weapons to their enemies but no one is really happy about it because of the dangerous path it sets the world on.

WOW this is a pretty thinly veiled reference to the war in Vietnam and they got away with airing the show! Kirk and McCoy even mention the “brush wars in Southeast Asia of the 20th century”.  A Cheesy yet poignant episode.

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