Monday, September 19, 2011

The Ultimate Computer

Feeling better… thank you baby Jebus!!! I’m still a little under the weather but feeling much much better. Today was a bit of a bummer because I was supposed to take a whole school photo but the weather did not agree and so did other technical difficulties. I love the yearbook to death but at times it is a logistical nightmare, but it does force me to be even more organized and anal retentive than ever! The one upside of the whole sickness thing was that I went to the doctor and found my weight loss is continuing to go well because my blood pressure was very healthy 120/60, even with a fever!

Walked on the Treadmill!

The Ultimate Computer
The Enterprise has been chosen to play host to a new ultimate computer called the M-5. The entire crew is a bit on edge about the concept of a man being replaced by a computer. Well the M-5 is accompanied by its creator Dr. Daystrom, who is a relative genius in the computer world. Everything starts off just fine and the computer performs well in all simulations and war games. About a day into the trip the computer starts to act a little odd and it culminates when the ship goes out of its way to destroy an automated ore freighter. When the crew attempts to shut down the M-5 it kills a crew member and takes total control of the ship. It proceeds to attack a fleet of Starfleet ships and destroys one of them. Kirk and crew race frantically to disarm the M-5 and they finally convince the machine that it has murdered and must carry out the natural punishment,,,, which of course is death. So… The computer kills itself essentially.

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