Sunday, September 11, 2011

Patterns of Force

Sooo much has gone down this week it is just too much! Ahaha The first week of school ended and here I find myself getting ready for the second week to happen. I should be getting ready for the week but I’m sitting here eating homemade Taboule and watching Revenge of the Nerds. I presented at a class on Thursday of last week to my fellow speechies and it went really well and seems that most everyone thought it was worth their time. That was my biggest concern to be completely honest. Then as if that wasn’t enough stress for one day I had an audition Thursday night which I was nervous as hell for! I ended up doing well and will give y’all more information on that in the future as I know more.  

I also cannot fathom that it is September 11th today and the ten year anniversary of that horrible tragedy. I can remember and most likely will always remember where I was when it happened. It was my first day of school at St. Cloud State University and I was sitting in American History class. Funny to think how we all sat there in utter ignorance as to what was happening in the world during this 75 minute lecture. I returned to W.W. Holes Hall and it was a total Chaos of people not knowing what to do and what to think. I sat there for most of the day with my room wide open and a variety of people in my room sitting around my 13inch TV watching in shock. I think I will keep this memory for as long as I live, much the same way my parents will remember Kennedy being shot or the moon landing. This is an event that changed this country and will always be remembered.

That being said I have not watched any of the re-played footage that has been on the TV today because I do not feel the need to relive that experience and in some ways ten years is too soon.

Today’s Workout:
Treadmill- 280 calories and 2.2miles

Weekly Weigh-in: as of Saturday morning I was at 235 lbs which puts me at down 21 pounds J

Patterns of Force
The Enterprise is sent to investigate a missing Starfleet Academy professor and high ranking official. Upon arriving at the planet where he was stationed The Enterprise is attacked by an old style nuclear missile but of course it is destroyed. Upon beaming down to the planet Kirk and Spock discover that somehow the planet has fashioned itself after Nazi Germany of the 30’s and 40’s. Kirk and Spock now must work to find the Starfleet professor responsible for this action and try to set things correct before the “party” institutes its final solution and destroys the inhabitants of the neighboring planet. Kirk and Spock break jail and meet the underground resistance against the Nazi party. A plan is devised to interrupt a live broadcast from the Nazi leader and see what has happened. Kirk, Spock and the resistance find that the federation representative purposely set up the Nazi state because it was organized but…. Someone power hungry took over and perverted the system. Once they took over they kept the federation rep under sedation and used him as a figurehead for the government.  Kirk returns the government control to a group who desire peace and all is set right in the world.

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