Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Enterprise Incident

I am always amazed at how intuitive some children can be at times. I was working with a young man today who just could not sit still and kept getting up and down and up and down. He was like a little toy on a spring and it was starting to get just a little more than distracting. So I told him we were going to go and borrow a special chair from another teacher. Upon seeing the chair cushion he practically squealed with joy, grabbed it and ran back to my classroom. I was amazed how he knew that would help and wanted to use it!  Never underestimate a child’s ability to help themselves… no matter what their level of functioning. Though I must say not all students are as intuitive in nature. This was evidenced by the fact that every day I have been on the roof of the school taking photos for the yearbook a student has looked at me puzzled and said “How did you get up there Mr. Olson?” I mean really! Part of me wants to say that I was airlifted on to the roof or that I climbed the wall but I just can’t bring myself to say that.

Today’s Workout:
2.23miles and 300 calories

The Enterprise Incident
Kirk is acting irritable, moody and downright bitchy! Maybe somebody stole the man girdle he wears under his stunning mustard velour tunic?? Or maybe he is planning on violating intergalactic treaty and that has his undies in a bunch. Well of course the answer is the second. Kirk orders the ship across the Romulan Neutral Zone and they are apprehended by three Romulan ships. Their options now are to Fight, Self-Destruct, or Surrender. At this time Kirk and Spock are ordered to beam aboard the lead ship to meet with the Romulan Commander. Well the commander ends up being a woman.. shocker! Kirk is betrayed by Spock who cannot lie and he is then placed into the brig. It is at this time that Romulan Commander makes every attempt possible to “GET BUSY” with Spock. Kirk nearly kills himself by throwing his body at the brig’s force field and Dr. McCoy is called to help. Spock informs McCoy to bring Kirk’s body to the Enterprise and it is announced that he is dead. Moments later Kirk comes to and it is revealed that the whole ordeal has been planned and was under order by Starfleet. The reason being is that Starfleet has just discovered that the Romulans developed a Cloaking Device and now Starfleet wants one. Now that Kirk is back aboard he undergoes surgery to look like a Romulan and he goes undercover to steal the cloaking device. In the end the Enterprise gets a cloaking device and the Romulan Commander’s heart is broken when Spock reveals his deception.

A truly amazing episode from the third season, which is generally agreed upon to be the weakest of the three seasons of the original series. It is a story about the arms race again but has several twists and turns and is thoroughly enjoyable to watch!

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