Monday, September 5, 2011

A Piece of the Action

Last Day of summer and I feel like saying “Mom do I have to wake up… just five more minutes?” Spent a fun day getting diner with my family and doing a little shopping with my sister. Sooo Much fun. I bought the cutest new pair of Nikes for the treadmill! They are grey, orange and white. I will post a picture of them tomorrow or sometime in the near future. I will be honest they may not make it onto the treadmill because they are soo cute they may have to make a public appearance or two.

2.5miles and 300 calories.

A Piece of the Action
The Enterprise is making a check of the planet Sigma Iotia after receiving a signal that an earth vessel crashed on that planet over 100 years ago. The message was received so late because the old ship did not have subspace communication systems. The Enterprise is checking to determine how much contamination was caused to the Iotian culture.  The Enterprise crew has learned that the Iotians are keen imitators, which is immediately apparent upon beam down. The entire planet has adopted a 1920’s Chicago gangster feel right down to the lingo, apparel, and look of the planet. They have gotten their information from what they call “the book” which is a book on gangs of the 1920’s. Kirk and Spock are now faced with the task of trying to limit the contamination and set them on the right track again. Through a series of misadventures and mishaps Kirk convinces the Iotians that the federation is coming in to take over but that the Iotians are going to be in charge of the planet. They sufficiently set the planet back on track and then head out to the next adventure.

The funniest moment of the show comes when Kirk tries to drive he and Spock around in an old 1920’s Rolls Royce. The pair have no clue how to drive the car and have a difficult time getting from point A to point B. Spock even quips to him that “you may be a great starship captain but.. “ Too Funny.

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