Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Pirates of Orion

Well it is Wednesday and I have been thinking it is Tuesday all day. Somehow this week has flown by which is a blessing and I’m loving that. There really isn’t anything that special going on which again is a really nice thing. I hooked up on the treadmill today for ½ hour because I had to watch my two favorite shows. Happy Endings and Hot in Cleveland, the damn shame is that Happy Endings was a rerun so I could have spent an extra episode on the treadmill. As it is today there are now only three days left before I start watching Star Trek: The Next Generation.
The Pirates of Orion
The Enterprise is in route to a conference on Denab 5 when Spock comes down with a rare disease that is nearly always fatal to Vulcan’s. The Enterprise  contacts a nearby cargo ship that happens to be carrying the only known cure to Spock’s disease. The Cargo ship is then attacked by an Orion ship who steals the entire cargo including the medicine. The Enterprise tracks down the Orions and strike a deal with them to get the medicine back. The Orions attempt to destroy the Enterprise but they are outsmarted by Kirk and crew. In the end the Orions go their own way and Spock is healed. This show is the first time we see the male Orions, up until this time we have only seen the female Orion Green Slave Women.

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