Friday, November 18, 2011

More Tribbles, More Troubles & The Survivor

Friday is finally here..yeah. What an interesting day I must say. I went to do an observation at another school and witnessed something that I would really rather forget soon. I have never seen a teacher be so mean and ridiculing to a student in my life during this observation. It really took a lot of energy not to say something or just come right out and hit the woman. It is so frustrating when people who should retire  and have clearly lost the passion for working with kids continue to teach kids to negative results for all involved. Anyways enough about that and onto the fun stuff. I’m heading out to see a play that my friend directed in Elk River. I am very excited to see the show and wish her well!
Today’s Workout: Treadmill
More Tribbles, More Troubles
The Enterprise is escorting two robot ships to Sherman’s Planet  to help with a grain crisis. They stumble across a small ship being pursued by the Klingon’s. The Klingon’s have a new weapon that immobilizes their attacker. While the ship is immobilized the Klingon’s interrupt the beaming process but are soon over powered by their own power failure. The Enterprise beams aboard Cyrano Jones, who previously was seen with a boat load of tribbles on station K-7. The new tribbles are engineered not to reproduce but they eat and grow and grow and grow. The Klingon’s only want a small creature that Jones stole. The creature was designed to eat tribbles on the Klingon homeworld. In the end everyone gets what they want and move on, even though the creature cannot eat the enormous tribbles.
This episode is a fun sequel to The Trouble With Tribbles that was to be a live action episode but the powers that be did not think that Star Trek should be a comedy. Bummer it would have been fun to see a second live action Tribble episode.

The Survivor
The Enterprise picks up a living legend and intergalactic hero, Carter Winston. The man is somewhat strange and does not seem to be the man everyone thinks he is. Carter ends up being an alien spy who is a shapeshifter and he guides the Enterprise into the neutral zone by taking Kirk’s shape. Intergallactic war nearly breaks out but the spy is revealed and the Romulans suddenly don’t want to fight.
In this episode we meet Lt. M’ress the cat like humanoid who is the fill-in communications officer. She purrs and meows while talking.. too funny. M’ress paired with Lt. Arex, the three armed navigation officer, are part of the more odd that could be used in the animated format.

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