Tuesday, November 15, 2011

One Of Our Planets Is Missing

Cable and internet have been repaired and I am back in business. The big news of the day is that I have decided to drop out of the Twin Cities Gay Men’s Chorus. It is a wonderful organization with over 150 talented men from the Twin Cities Metro Area and you really should check out on of their concerts. I have just not been too busy and I have not been able to fully commit myself to the group because of time issues. The 2 hour round trip drive to and from rehearsal does not help either. I’m sad to go but glad to be a little less busy. In other news the new cat is pissing on stuff that she shouldn’t be and not using the cat litter box as much as she should be.. UGH.
I got distracted by Cat pissing on stuff tonight so I only got through one episode tonight.
One Of Our Planets Is Missing
The Enterprise is on a routine mission when they encounter a gigantic cloud that is devouring planets in its path. So this is the same plot as “The Doomsday Machine” thus far but it takes on a different twist about 8 minutes in.. which is the equivalent of about 35 minutes into a normal episode. The Enterprise enters the cloud and determines that the cloud is a living organism. To get through to the organism Spock performs a mind meld and convinces the cloud to leave the galaxy and return to its home.

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