Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Lorelei Signal

I took my cat to the vet today because she needed a booster shot and she has been pissing on stuff so I took her to get that checked out. Turns out she may have some idiopathic thing a ma bob. IDK what the hell it means but it sounded complicated and very odd. I got the vibe that it was going to be a problem for a while but could be managed so that I is good. I am also going to take and get her spade and declawed sometime in the near future. I have never ever ever ever been in a room with a vet who talked more than this guy. He is really nice so I just deal with it and the prices are pretty decent there so it is worth dealing with. In other news… there is no other news at the moment.

Again I was super busy so I couldn’t get through two episodes but still worked out and ran for about ten minutes of the 24 minute episode.

The Lorelei Signal
The Enterprise is trying to investigate a mysterious occurrence that has happened every 27 years in a specific portion of the galaxy. It seems that every 27 years a ship has disappeared at the exact coordinates the Enterprise is patrolling. The Enterprise picks up on a mysterious signal that affects only the male members of the crew and Uhura and Chapel pick up on it real quickly. Kirk, Spock, McCoy and a random red shirt beam down and discover a planet inhabited by the “most beautiful women in the galaxy”. The women soon try to overthrow the guys and fit them with headbands that drain life energy. Uhura sees things going to hell in a hand basket and then takes command of the Enterprise in time to save the men and help the bizarre women of the planet.

Finally a woman gets to take command of the Enterprise and who better than Uhura. Nichelle Nichols herself has stated that this is one of her favorite episodes of the original Star Trek because she finally got to do something great. I wish this had been made into a live action show because it really could have been expanded and would have been awesome. 

By The Way Blooper Alert Below... LOL

That is Chapel in a red shirt... The animated series often made minor mistakes. Even the animated show's production value was limited at times. 

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