Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Savage Curtain

People say the darndest things this day in age and sometimes it is funny and sometimes it pisses you off.. and then sometimes it accomplishes both things. Apparently me and my sexuality are the talk of the townhome complex.. LOL. I found this out from my new neighbor who is pretty cool, who knew a nice person could live in Zimmerman.  All I can say is oh who gives a shit,, it kinda makes me want to mess with the good citizens of the South Side Villas Zimmerman but I won’t.
Treadmill time today and it went well until I almost fell off the damn thing but caught myself as my knee dropped mid step. Oh Well finished up my workout anyway.

The Savage Curtain
W…T…F? The Enterprise is examining a mysterious planet when all of the sudden Abraham Lincoln appears in the view screen. He claims to be the real deal but of course is not but the whole crew goes along with it and gets all gussied up in their dress uniforms and put on a formal welcome for the former president. Upon beam down Kirk and Spock accompanied by Lincoln are met by Surak the most influential Vulcan in all of history. The four are confronted by a gigantic rock like creature who explains that they have been brought to the planet to be studied and will be pitted against four of the most vial warriors in the history of the Galaxy. The initially refuse to participate but the Enterprise is put in danger and Kirk and crew have no choice. In the end Kirk and Spock are triumphant and everyone is safe and the Enterprise is off to the next voyage.

Again W…T…F? the episode does again have a nonviolence message which is great but the whole thing was just so tacky and over the top. Oh Well it still maintains the charm of the show and I’m going to be sad that the original series is coming to an end in the next few days.

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