Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Ambergris Element & The Slaver Weapon

The holiday weekend is over and that is ok because I am ready to get myself back to work. This week is going to be excellent and that is all there is to that. Nothing really great to report today,,, sorry folks.

The Ambergris Element
The crew is exploring and surveying a planet that has been destroyed by earthquakes and is now entirely submerged under water. The crew lands in a shuttlecraft that is also a submarine and are immediately attacked by a gigantic sea creature. The ship is destroyed and Kirk and Spock disappear under the water. They are found five days later and have been mutated into water breathing creatures. They seek contact with the people who did this to them below the surface of the water. The people, who look like a population of aquamen, do not wish to help but some of the younger creatures break the rules and help. Kirk and Spock find a cure to their mutations and also end up saving the planet’s inhabitants from a deadly earthquake. In the end all is well and Kirk’s webbed hands are gone!

The Slaver Weapon
Spock, Sulu and Uhura are transporting an ancient box from the Slaver Empire and find another ancient Slaver box coincidentally. They are on an ice planet and are soon attacked by the Kzinti, a new race of cat-like aliens that are fiercely powerful and evil. They are however not supposed to have weapons but of course they do. In an attempt to steal the box they capture Uhura. Now Sulu and Spock must rescue her before the Kzinti get the weapon and eat Uhura. In the end the Kzinti don’t get the weapon and the shuttle crew  get out alive.
The Slaver weapon is unique because it only features Sulu, Uhura and Spock. None of the other Star Trek cast is even featured in the storytelling here. It is also unique because it is basically a completely different science fiction universe being incorporated into Star Trek. The story was written by Larry Niven and it uses his ‘Known Space’ setting and characters for the story. ODD

I have eight episodes of the Animated Series left and I will be happy when they are over. I love Star Trek and enjoy the episodes but not nearly as much as I enjoy the live episodes. The quality of these shows was quite low and the scripts were just a little to wack-a-doodle for me at times.

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